AKB is a London-based company specializing in the distribution of behavioral neuroscience research equipment. As a startup, the company was looking to develop a compelling brand strategy in a highly competitive field. Because they offered services to all of Europe, AKB needed a brand experience that was intuitive and informational for a broad cross-section of users. Project goals included lead generation and a product-based experience reflecting the brand’s overarching goal of providing neuroscientists with the industry benchmark for power, flexibility, and ease of use.


Market and customer research provided profound insight into AKB’s customers. The brand’s target audiences were highly sophisticated customers with highly sophisticated needs. Brand strategy was centered on the company’s industry expertise and quality products. A focus was also brought to humanizing the brand within what is an inherently sterile and academic industry.


The resultant AKB Research brand was engaging and persuasive across cultural lines. Its website was clean and minimalist, architected for maximal lead generation. In order to address the hurried, preoccupied character of its audience, research scientists, the brand experience was above all intuitive and easy to navigate.