Founded in 1992, EA Health offers a range of healthcare compensation services. The brand’s signature service centers on the retention and reimbursement of on-call specialty physicians in hospital emergency departments. In an industry marked by seismic changes due to the Affordable Care Act, the company was looking to reposition itself with a modern brand experience that more clearly articulated its complex value propositions, and was elevated to evoke the quality of its premium services.


The most enlightening revelation of this project was the result of in-depth customer research. Interviews revealed that the company had a valuable opportunity to leverage its industry insights as a unique service for its clients. Beyond the research, brand strategy revealed a unique set of value propositions that, when clearly articulated, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to expanding access to quality healthcare.


Drawing on its new bold and contemporary brand experience, EA Health has gone on to implement a decidedly successful digital marketing campaign that served to introduce the brand to the world. Central to this campaign is the positioning of the brand as a thought leader in the area of on-call compensation for ER specialty physicians.