Vista Community Clinic (VCC) is a regional healthcare provider with five state-of-the-art clinics and nearly 60,000 patients a year. With over 40 years of history, the nonprofit’s brand was in desperate need for a refresh. Research revealed prevailing perceptions of the brand were that it provided mostly low-quality health services to low-income patients. VCC sought to reposition itself as an inclusive provider of high-quality, award-winning health services including a wide range of community education, outreach, and advocacy programs.


The objective was to elevate VCC’s brand in a way that evoked high-quality healthcare and inclusivity, targeting untapped audience segments while being mindful not to alienate VCC’s core demographic of low-income and underserved individuals. Extensive research and rigorous brand strategy revealed an authentic brand experience centered on empowering its patients.


The new VCC brand enabled the company to expand their services to new demographics, increase donor funding, and attract top-tier providers so as to better provide health and hope to all members of their community. An extremely successful digital marketing campaign introduced the new brand to the community and garnered an impressive increase in new patients.